As it all began, part 2.

How will the future lawyer get to the organization of the Technology and Art Festival in Brno? What has she learned in four years of organizing a cultural event and remembers her best? Read another uninterrupted testimony this time from Dominic Vambersky, former head of marketing. You could read in the previous article the memories of Veronika Rejšková.


What was your position on the organizational team?

Head of Marketing and PR.


How did you experience the organization of festivals?

When we started out with the girls, I was 20, I went to two colleges and had only a few work experiences. So the answer is: almost none at the time ...


What did you experience from the festival organization?

Jesus is a great deal! First of all, I had to learn a lot of skills in marketing and PR, leadership and regular performance from the comfort zone ... Besides, I might have to confront myself with organizing my own time, tame my ego, nudge nose in the agenda of others, so.

Throughout the Prototype I have met a number of talented, enthusiastic people who are the top in what they are doing and I am very grateful for that. But honestly, I think the greatest success was the development of our friendship with the girls. We have been through such disturbances and severely challenging moments that have made us cemented. It's for me people we support and we can count on.


Is something that the festival took?

A lot of my free time, fairly pretty hair, and in November I've been sleeping less than usual.


What was the main motivation to stay with?

People. Most of all, I was kicking myself to create a kind of community of creatives and to inspire each other. The festival "from the inside" was a real bomb and I hope visitors see it "from the outside". Thanks to the prototype, a few people fell in love with each other. And even we have the Prototype Baby - three.


Without which people would the Prototype never arise?

There are quite a lot of them. In the beginning, Verča R., my sister Klárka Vamberká, Vlastimil Slinták and Rastislav Somor, deserved it. Thanks to Katerina Bilikova (but we all know her as Eichler), which gave us self-esteem. Then, of course, Verča H., who joined the project at the beginning. Furthermore, Neli Hejkal, our curator and Ondra Bulva, our stage master, has also actively rescued our ass since the first year. We have been financially supported by the Vodafone Foundation, thanks to which we have earned most of the money needed for the first year. I could seriously name it for a long time, but I will save you and I will summarize: Thanks to all the actors, partners and volunteers without help, nothing would come of it.


What do you think about when it comes to the Prototype?

Technology in a fun way. I enjoy the festival because it always brings me a dose of inspiration. It's made up by interesting people with whom you just want to be in touch.


Prototype in one word.



Art, science or technology?



How did you get 5 years ago to organize the festival?

With Verča R. we created a fashion show for the Coffee Week. After the third year, we were already experiencing ideas and began to think about our own fashion show. More specifically, the shining fashion show. It should all be done in the dark with shining models. The more we solved the details, the more we foolishly came to make a 20-minute light show and go home. And in that, other similar projects and enthusiasts have begun. And this created the concept of the festival where the world of art and the world of technology and science will connect. It's been a long time ago. I have such a vague memory in my head when I talk to Rastík, Vlastik and Vercha R. in the Climate about what stimuli the lights will be sewn into the clothing. I had such a moment of awareness when I said, "Okay, let's go. This is happening. "


The fifth year of the festival is behind us. Which one made you the most memorable and most remembered?

The first was to throw a non-swimmer into the water. But the other was even more demanding for me - it took place in an old building that needed to be cleaned and secured. In the first half of the first night, electricity was dropped and the whole stage slammed. At that moment, we thought that all the technicians left us on the podium (the spoiler: in the end it was not that terrible). I think I've never been more stressed than at this moment. After the festival I slept for three days. But I prefer to remember the fourth one. I've already learned to take things over and we've had enough time to enjoy the festival itself. We have also contributed so much to this, and the experience of previous years has helped us to prevent breakthroughs.


And any particular installation or artist?

Fog from VISUAL, which we handed over to the whole festival.


What are you most proud of?

That we did. It was not easy to begin to realize science-fiction at that time without money, experience, just out of pure enthusiasm.


Is there something you're not proud of and what else would you do?

I'm not proud of a couple of trouble that I've caused and haunted me so far. But I do not think I would have done anything different then. If a person had better information / experience, he would of course try to prevent the breakthroughs, but unfortunately I did not have them at that time. We've always evaluated the past action and sorted out the future.


Your position in the organizational team has passed and you will not be involved. Why? Will not you miss it?

I graduated from Masaryk University this year and spent almost half a year in Iceland and Los Angeles. I find another way of life, with which organizing can not easily be combined. Sometimes it's good to leave the best. I will definitely miss the community of people.


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