Prototype festival is expanding and is preparing a platform for cooperation of artists, scientists and technology companies

Festival of Arts, Science and Technology The prototype will again fill Pavilion A of the Brno Exhibition Center in autumn and present its vision of future cooperation of seemingly separate spheres of society. On Friday, October 18, 2019, the event will open with fashion performances, audio-visual shows and a music program. Throughout the weekend 19. – 20. Workshops, lectures and festival Brno Mini Maker Faire 2019 will be held on 10-10 October. A regular part of the festival is an exhibition of works of art by Czech and foreign artists reflecting the connection of art, science and technology.

This year, the 6th edition of the Prototype festival will be officially opened for the public on 18 October in the evening in Pavilion A at the Brno Exhibition Center, ie unusually at the same place as last year. An integral part of the opening evening will be a fashion performance, which annually creatively reflects trends in the clothing industry and technology and interconnects these areas. Tzv. The rotunda, where the vast majority of the festival will take place, is perfect for something special to take place there - and this year, an audiovisual show by VISUALOVE will be created specifically for this venue. and other installations that have been seen in various places in Brno in recent years. Throughout the evening it will be possible to visit an exhibition of works of art and listen to the rhythms of the electronic music of various artists, which will continue until late at night.

The Saturday and Sunday program will include, in addition to the art exhibition, a series of professional lectures and workshops in the field of art, scientific discoveries and trends in technology. The Creative Europe special program block will focus on artificial intelligence and everything related to it. An important part of the weekend program will be a festival of modern handymen Brno Mini Maker Faire 2019, which will be held under the same roof, at the same time and the visitor will only need one ticket for both events. Brno DIY enthusiasts also know the open digital workshop FabLab, which will not only deliver a crowded truck at the festival FabLab Experience.

"The goal of the Prototype is to create a platform that will work all year round. In the form of smaller events, lectures or workshops, we would like to revive Brno's public affairs and conclude each autumn with one event that will show the outcome of year-round cooperation,“Said the festival coordinator Michal Okleštěk, according to whom cooperation with other institutions, universities and companies will bring not only new talents and visitors from different regions or states, but also new opportunities for development and interdisciplinary meetings of professionals and the general public. This year's Prototype festival will try to show to a lesser extent what the cultural and technological space of Brno can look like in the coming years.