Hands-on Media Art Theory

Theory of interactive media

Presentation of the study program Interactive Media Theory

Structure of the Interactive Media Theory program reflects the ongoing convergence of practice and new media theory. His curriculum includes several subjects that provide students with practical experience with new media as tools for creativity. The exhibition shows selected outputs from the following subjects: Software Art (Behind the Interface), Algorithmic Art (Math is the New Latin), Best of New Media Art (Remake Media Art History!) And Audio Culture (Aura of Audiography). Student works are complemented by the curatorial project Computer Graphic Re-visited, which uses immersive virtual reality in the service of local history of media art.

Furthermore, a unique research project will be presented - Media Art Live Archive: Intelligent Interface for Interactive Mediation of Cultural Heritage - using artificial neural networks for content analysis of art videos by Woody and Stein Vašulková. The project was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (project number TL02000270).

Accompanying Program Sunday 10.00 & #8211; 12.00:
New Media Curatorship (Symposium)

Acknowledgments: Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno House of Arts