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For years & years he is stirring the wheels of the Prague electronic scene, both as producer on his Beef Records imprint or on heavy weights such Compost Records, Audiomatique, Om Records, Lost My Dog, Defected and many others. Michal is constantly putting out trippy techno-ish electronic music as Dj Schwa or as Shades Of Gray with his Australian partner in crime Nick West. Their debut album ‘Soul Machine’ has been included in top 50 albums of 2012 by Dj Mag UK.

Add all that to constantly rocking the Gothic capital of Europe in his legendary events such as Komiks (Derrick May, Kink live, David August) and Ana.Lock (Deadbeat, Edward, Bjarki) and you got yourself a dj worth watching.

His selections are made with a huge passion and cover all aspect of electronic music from house and disco to electro and techno. The music he serves up comes from a place of love and knowledge; it’s just a pure musical joy.