What is a modular synthesizer ?!

Workshop with Bastl Instruments

Have you ever seen a modular synthesizer? No? It looks like the control center of a sci-fi spacecraft of the 1960s. There are plenty of cables and control knobs, and everything blinks strangely, and in remarkable chaos something makes sense and out with incredible sounds. Modular synthesizers are the best means of exploring electronic sound territories and, by their complexity, offer space for endless experiments. Cables connect individual sound segments such as oscillators, filters, and phasers in any way and calmly and upside down. Not only can such a tool be used to create amazing music, it can also be meditated with it and surprised by the infinite sound possibilities. At the workshop we will look at the basic principles of using such devices. The guide will be Václav Pelousek, the main developer in the Bastl Instruments group, which develops, produces and produces these tools, and tries to expand our knowledge in our environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqhsLLmGA4c http://www.bastl-instruments.com/