DJ Alan Wood

19:00 - 20:20

Alan was born in the 95th and it took 5 years for him to get a major inspiration in the form of a meeting with cult Duft Punk through MTV television, which he held as a child. He grew up in various places throughout Europe, from the UK - where his roots spring, through Ukraine to the Czech Republic, where he still remains. His lively fantasy, supported by specifications such as hyperactivity and increased sensitivity for sensual perception of both music and visual stimuli, has begun to be applied at first encounters with mixing music or composing visualizations. He immersed himself more into electronic music and the creation of graphic visuals. He started his first projects, thanks to the facilities he found in the Vibe Club in Brno and hence became a resident dj. After a couple of sets played on home soil, but outside, he founded the Porn Bodies project together with Victoria. Two paths, two tracks that both accompany similar vibrations. Vibration in hearts that tremble for a similar sound.

Alan and Viki have found out that they have more than enough of them. In one wave from the aesthetic perception of the surroundings, inspiring fashion, architecture, to content based on positive charge and active attitude to life, everything is intertwined and everything is related. They decided to combine their enthusiasm and energy to create this new project. Alan continues his dj track under his own name, immersed in the deep and tech house of music, but at the same time he stands firmly and kicks for his DJ, playing with refreshing the music genres with electronics and more emotionally colored sets to make them completely new sound and at the same time to shape all the porn bodies that set their ears and to teach this young project.

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