FabLab & FabLab Experience

The first open digital workshop in Brno has prepared its projects for you both within the indoor exposition and this year they will come with their unique truck FabLab Experience.

FabLab Experience is a semi-trailer that after parking turns into a workshop full of modern production machines. It offers students of elementary and secondary schools practical education in the field of digital production technologies. It gives not only the opportunity to learn about the latest production and prototyping, but also to test all the machines and make something on them. Here you will find, for example, a 3D printer, model milling machine, laser cutter. And you will be able to experience it all. You will test your skill, creative side and maybe even take away something.

You can look forward to FabLab from Friday, when you will see a demonstration of the weekend program during Friday's opening. And it will start on Saturday and Sunday.