Breathtaking drawings that focus on the current social challenges of the world will come to life on the painting canvases of the multimedia exhibition. Illustrations about the impacts of human activity on nature and life around us will literally draw everyone into the action. The overall impression is completed by the noises, the author's music and the lighting of the Černín Palace premises. Our planet and the life on it are changing - faster than ever before. Nine-year-old Mia therefore has a lot of questions: Why do people suffer from hunger somewhere, while elsewhere food is thrown away? What are they fighting for? How do we affect nature and animals? So he and his grandmother and parents are trying to figure out how they can help the planet. Although it is not a simple conversation, in the end they come to a promising conclusion: we can live on Earth in such a way that we can preserve its beauty for future generations.

Exhibition design and concept: Jan Machát, Michal Okleštěk
Illustration: Renáta Fučíková
Animation and video: Petr Šťastný
Music and audio: Lukáš Puška
Realization: Jan Machát, Michal Okleštěk, Veronika Šmírová, Tereza Machátová
Place: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Černín Palace, Prague
Date: 09/2021