Jiří Suchánek

Kinetic, robotic installation Perplex works with the principles of multiple reflections, concentrations and reflections of sound and light. Three rotating acoustic mirrors (satellite dishes) explore an innovative way of working with surround sound. Before the discovery of the radar, large acoustic concrete mirrors in Britain were built to detect German fighters. After the invention of the radar, the acoustic mirrors ceased to be used, they remained in the landscape as concrete mementos of the impending war. The installation develops the potential of parabola-focused acoustic waves, but adds the principle of controlled rotation and examines how, with a limited number of sources, the situation in space can be compressed and complicated only with the help of reflections and rotation. The work also refers to the theory of information and the situation on the Internet - accumulation, misinterpretation, not only technically distorted reflections of source signals are just some methods of disinformation…