The A

VISUALOVE, Matěj Lužina, Martin Ruček

VISUAL, a group of creative people involved in the creation of audiovisual installations. In their creative and original work, they connect architecture, light and video projection, making them wonderfully able to uncover the unexpected possibilities of space. Their area of ​​interest is also stage design, VJing, videomapping, event design and architecture itself. They are interested in new media, trying to apply new ways and looking for other ways to make a great event of a truly exceptional experience.

Audiovisual show "The A", taking place in the amazing hall round circle of Pavilion A at the Brno Exhibition Center. With a set of abstract light compositions built on contemporary electronic music, the hall with beautiful architecture transforms into a living organism that draws the viewer.

The partner of the audiovisual installation is: Cyber ​​Lighting sro and Kletch CZ sro

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