About Prototyp

The PROTOTYP is a creative, educational and organizational platform that aims to closely connect the spheres of art, science and technology and create space for their non-traditional presentation. Cooperation with other institutions, universities and the commercial sphere brings new creative talents to Brno, creating a platform for cooperation and creation, the results of which resonate in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The prototype was created in 2014 as a community student activity with big goals. It has always been primarily an art festival, to which, over time, more or less technological content has begun to be packed.

16 000

In 6 years, our event has been visited by more than 16,000 visitors of all ages.


Over 210 exhibitors from the Czech Republic and abroad took turns at the events.


We have prepared so many and possibly more lectures and workshops for visitors during the 6 years of the Prototype's existence.

Past years archive

You can find a list of all installations in individual years in the archive of previous years.

Prototyp festival was established in 2014 as an event aimed at connecting the world of art, science and technology. By joining seemingly remote and remote areas, cultural events for a wide range of visitors arise each November. Over the last 6 years, the festival has developed into a traditional event in the autumn of Brno, which has been constantly expanding and transforming thanks to cooperation with many South Moravian institutions and companies. 


The Festival of Arts, Science and Technology in 2019 introduced the work of students and professional artists. This gave rise to an unusual exhibition, party and conference under one roof, which was attended by 7,000 visitors in 3 days. You could see for example digital sculptures, playing urinals, chatty aluminum footing, immersive virtual reality, but also audiovisual shows, digital mobile workshops or lectures on creative industries.


Festival of Arts, Science, Technology and Macros At the weekend, the prototype filled the Pavilion A of the Brno Exhibition Center and introduced not only artists from the Czech Republic and abroad, but also makers and workshops across all areas of DIY. Just for handymen and open workshops, blocks of lectures were given and space was given to present their own projects. Under one roof, it was possible to see fashion performances, light shows, interactive installations, listen to professional lectures or make a LED lamp and have a 3D portrait made.

Visitors felt the news in Saturday and Sunday's Prototype MAKERS, a fair of all handymen and technology enthusiasts. Open workshops of FabLab Brno, HobbyLab or strojLAB from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of BUT were introduced.


The fourth year of the festival took place at the Brno Market Hall on the Zelný trh and the Old Town Hall, where an exhibition of interactive works of art took place in several rooms. Videomapping, the Friday opening party, and the fashion show could not be missed. Saturday was part of the workshops and Sunday with several lectures and commented excursions.


The former sermon was completed on 11 - 13 November 2016 by art exhibits inspired by natural elements. Water, fire, earth, and air have been projected into interactive projections or videomapping.

The Friday program was full of live musical performances and fashionable performances. The fashion show was the traditional part of the Friday program, which was awarded the mark Severa + Kolektiv. There was also live VJing directed by the KinocirKus team. Vida! Science Center, Bioscope, Corinth and Workshop Four elements have taken care of the whole family. You can see the exposition and try interesting workshops for the whole Saturday. Sunday was dedicated to meetings with installers and interesting lectures. You could learn how to create your own vertical garden, pay a prototype product with 3D printing, or how architects are perusing the visual nature of fire protection in buildings.


The Art and Technology Conjunction in the theme of Playing Space in 2015 can be experienced as a three-day festival from 13 to 15 November 2015. The game of space was held in a briefly open space in the lower part of Little America in Brno. The program has been tuned into three specific parts so that the smallest and professional public can enjoy it. Check out where the second edition of the Prototype festival took place.


The first year took place in 2014 in the beautiful industrial area of ​​Adam Gallery in Brno. 17 works of light and live performances were exhibited at the event itself. The visitors came blessingly over 1,800. All those who came to the Prototype could enjoy an exhibition of lightworks as in the classic museum, but they also seized interactive installations, thematic refreshments and of course the feature-length main program. Ardor Viridis, David Vrbík playing on a laser string or Jiří Suchánek shone on the podium. The icing on the cake was a light fashion show that symbolically closed the entire festival. The feature program ended after the party with Djs.


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