Festival of science, art, technology and makers

16 - 18.
11 / 2018

Exhibition Center Brno, Pavilion A

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or what's happening around the festival


As it all began, part 2.

How will the future lawyer get to the organization of the Technology and Art Festival in Brno? What has she learned in four years of organizing a cultural event and remembers her best? Read another uninterrupted testimony this time from Dominic Vambersky, former head of marketing. In the previous article, you could read the memories of Veronika Rejsková. What was your position in the organizational team? ...


As it all began, part 1.

Before the preparations for this year's Prototype festival take place, we will give space to those who stood (or sat) at the birth of past years. How do they recall the past years of their coordinator, co-creator, and especially the brains of the whole event? How do girls without experience become girls who organize a festival for a thousand people? We asked each one separately how ...


Prototype in new

It is a good summer, the beginning of the semester, Brno has gone through the heat of the heat and the closure, and the Prototype festival has undergone a number of changes - some of you may not even notice, some will feel like visitors on the weekend of 16-18. November in the Rotunda of the Brno Exhibition Center in Pisárky. One of the major changes is to change the organizational core of the festival. Four years for you festival ...

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We work hard on this year's program. For now, we can say that you can look forward to a spectacular fashion show, live musical performance, interactive show - all on Friday! On Saturday, there will be more Makers and a number of lectures and workshops that you will not miss.

Opening party

The festival will start with a fashion show and a live musical performance just like every year. Famous and unfamiliar artists will bring the right party to the atmosphere.

Interactive exhibit

Every year a lot of interactive installations await you to try out. You can look forward to Czech and foreign authors, students and professionals from many spheres of art.

Doyle Fair

The new Makers fair introduces exhibitors from dozens of companies as well as institutions with the possibility of purchasing created products. On Saturday and Sunday, it will also be complemented by a series of workshops and lectures.

This year's ticket will also be available for VIDA! Science Center, which will be in the next pavilion. We will publish more information about tickets in the near future.

The Arts, Science, Technology and Makers Festival

this year for the fifth time

This year's festival concept is somewhat different from what you have been accustomed to in previous years. Of course, the main thing - the interconnection of art, science and technology remains, but this year we will split you nicely into 3 parts. There will be an interactive exhibition of Czech and foreign artists within Prototyp Art, live music program and fashion performance Prototype Live & Fashion. This year we will introduce you to Prototyp Makers - a show of so-called makers, that is, dozens of everything possible and impossible.