Symposium on the possibilities of media art presentation

10.00 - 12.00

Relationship Artist & #8211; gallery & #8211; curator and changes in the role of gallery and museum practice in a time that is determined by digital technologies. These are the main topics of the conference on the possibilities of presenting media art. How does the role of curator change in the digital era, and where are museums and galleries in this situation? What demands does the gallery space put on the curator and how does it differ from independent cultural platforms or academic spaces? These and other issues will be discussed by leading curators of new media from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

10.00 - 10.30 / More Life into Art! Specifics of biological art and pitfalls in gallery practice

Martina Ivičič (SK)

This article is dedicated to the pitfalls and obstacles of live & #8220; art in gallery practice. How to cultivate and let the work survive until the end of the exhibition? How not to infest galleries? How to take care of the flower in which the artist's DNA flows? And how does the gallery keep me and exhibit butterflies? Networks and other issues are related to the procedural nature of BioMedia and its specifics. How and why it works by exhibiting bioart in the world and how it (not) works in our country. A brief overview of European platforms bringing together scientific and artistic initiatives. Examples of selected artists and their projects.

10.30 - 11.00 / Abstraction, algorithmization, speculation

Karel Cisar (CZ)

Speculation today is mainly associated with financial operations, which on the basis of different probability models want to estimate and manage the future. In contrast, philosophical speculation accepts the future in its irreducible uncertainty. How do reflections on abstraction, algorithmization, and speculation manifest themselves in art and in philosophy? And how do they change the relationship of these disciplines? The paper will try to answer these questions based on the curator project „Network. Gradient. Drunkard Step ”, Brno House of Arts, 2017.


11.00 - 11.30 / New Media Art Mapping in Slovakia

Michal Murin

Journalistic beginnings of mapping the art of new technologies. University workplaces and educational platforms. Activities of independent cultural centers and outsourced academic premises. Košice phenomenon and media art. Dig GALLERY activity in Košice and art exhibition project in Kunsthalle in Košice (2016-2019). Michal Murin's contribution is a surf from professional analytical reflection to personal authorial activities in the context of new media art and software art in Slovakia.


11.30 - 12.00 / Moderated discussion of symposium participants

Moderated by Monika Szűcsová

Gallery Relationship Reflection & #8211; artist & #8211; curator in the context of new technologies through his own practice of presenting guests.

The symposium is an accompanying program of the presentation of the Interactive Media Theory under the title
Hands-on Media Art Theory.

We would like to thank the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, the Brno House of Arts and the company for their support
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